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Quick Facts

It is projected that as many as 70 million people could die of tuberculosis over the next 3 decades.

Mission and Milestones

Mission: To develop and commercialize new more effective therapeutics for serious or life-threatening infectious diseases.


Raised $2.7 million in equity investment through the Maryland Biotechnology Tax Credit Program, $500,000 Note converted to equity

Sequella wins BUZZ of BIO at the BIO Investor Forum, October 18-19.

Infectex completes registration trial of SQ109 in MDR-TB in Russia: last patient, last visit February.

Established prophylactic activity of SQ641 in lethal Clostridium difficile infections (NIH grant)

Analyzed C. difficile market and regulatory approach with Johns Hopkins University MBA team

Mark Rampy, Ph.D., joins Sequella as Chief Business Officer

David McNeeley, MD, MPHTM, DFM joins Sequella as Senior VP Global Medical Programs

Engaged Lampost Capital, Boca Raton, FL to raise institutional Series C round


Raised $500,000 in equity sales; Loan converted to equity ($1.5 million) with $500,000 remaining in a Convertible Note

Last patient entered in Russia registration trial of SQ109 in MDR-TB (February)

Completed MAMS Phase 2 study of SQ109 in drug-sensitive TB in Africa

Initiated 6-month rat study of sutezolid mandated by FDA

Manufactured sutezolid metabolites for sutezolid PK analysis in human clinical trials

Manufactured SQ641 by fermentation and chemical synthesis from precursor, 99%+ purity (NIH grant)


Raised $3.6 million in equity sales through Maryland Biotechnology Tax Credit Program

Enrollment ocmplete for MAMS study of SQ109 in drug-sensitive TB

Established SQ641 efficacy in mouse and FDA-approved hamster models of C. difficile infection (NIH grant)

Initiated process development of Streptomyces griseus fermentation of SQ641 precursor (NIH grant)

Received a milestone R&D payment from Lab Corp of America

Andrew Phipps, DVM, Ph.D., joins Sequella as Chief Scientific Officer

Sequella presents four abstracts at Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Activities and Chemotherapy (ICAAC)


Paige MacDonald, CPA, joins Sequella Board

Sequella acquires from Pfizer exclusive worldwide development and commercialization rights for all indications to new oxazolidinone, sutezolid, currently in clinical development for tuberculosis.

SQ641 selected as development lead for therapy of Clostridium. difficile infections from NIH/UVa/Sequella collaboration

First Patient dosed with SQ109 as part of multi-arm, multi-stage (MAMS) phase 2B clinical trial for drug sensitive TB in Africa

Lisa Beth Ferstenberg joins Sequella as Medical Director

Open-label clinical trial of SQ109 in Helicobacter pylori infections demonstrates reduction biomarker of infection, Urea Breath Test, in 14 days