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Quick Facts

Someone in the world is newly infected with tuberculosis every second.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to leverage our expertise in therapeutic development, our >150,000 proprietary compound library of small molecules, targeted in-licensing opportunities, natural product new chemical entities (NCE), and our experience in handling highly hazardous microorganisms like TB to advance the continued development of our promising new antibiotics in infectious diseases. We believe our products to have clinical and commercial potential that will deepen the leadership position for Sequella in both TB and other infectious diseases.  We intend to develop and acquire broadly applicable technologies to further capitalize on the commercial opportunity in anti-infectives. The principal elements of our strategy are to:

  • Become the preeminent anti-infectives company by leveraging and extending our TB expertise;

  • Broaden our competitive strengths in working with infectious agents to develop superior therapeutic products for treatment of other underserved infectious diseases;

  • Build our in-house research and development capabilities, as appropriate;

  • Partner with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, as well as academic institutions and governmental organizations, to accelerate product commercialization and to defray the cost of product development;

  • Complete proof-of-principle Phase 2 clinical development of our leading anti-infectives, to create additional value and enhance our ability to partner; and

  • Monetize our non-core assets to provide additional funding for our anti-infectives development programs.